Plans are well underway to bring a bit of funk to Derbyshire!

January sucks, let’s be honest. Half of us have given up the things we really like and the other half are probably bored stiff. We know the Christmas cheer is over and you may or may not have failed at your New Year resolutions already, but hey it’s not all bad.

It’s 2017 which means we are officially a step closer to Y Not festival!

We want to cheer everyone up (along with ourselves), so we’ve got a few juicy bits lined up for in te next few weeks. Drum roll please…

Brand Spanking New Website

We’re working on a website and brand that prefects the greatness that is Y Not. It’s going to be easy to use and super accessible so that you guys can find out everything you really want to know, without looking too far.

Line up Announcement

We know it may be pretty hard to top what has to be the most insane line up ever last year, but trust us. You will not be disappointed. We know you’re keen for this and we can’t WAIT to share with you who we’re bringing to Derbyshire this year to share their sweet sweet music with us. We’re just putting the finishing touches on and then we promise it’ll be coming very very soon.

*update* you can now check out our AWESOME line up announcement here

The Official 2016 Aftermovie

It’s winter, but prepare to be thrown back to the summer. You might even have a starring role – who knows? The Aftermovie is coming very very soon and we promise you’ll practically be able to smell the beer, burgers and Derbyshire dales. It’ll be like you’re still in Club Malibu…

Ticket Launch

As you may know, the only tickets on sale at the moment are payment plans. After unprecedented Christmas ticket sales, they were snapped up in record time. But don’t fret! Weekend tickets are coming very soon… along with all the glorious little extras your heart desires.

If you don’t have your ticket yet – where have you been? Tier 4 is still available here

It’s alllllllll happening… and summer is coming

Love Y Not x