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Thu 06 Nov 2014


We are really happy to say that we've been shortlisted for 3 UK Festival Awards, Best Medium Sized Festival, The Grassroots Festival Awards and The Extra Festival Activity Award. These were voted for by you and we can't thank you enough for getting us to this stage. The winners will be announced at the awards in December but it's a huge achievement to even be shortlisted. By way of thanks we would like to use the medium of song to describe how we feel about you Y Not x

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Wed 08 Oct 2014

Award Nominations!

We are super excited to announce we have been nominated in this year's UK Festival Awards for Best Medium Festival, The Grass Roots Festival Award and Best Toilets. Every vote counts and we would be massively grateful if you could take 2 minutes to vote for us in those categories here and you could be in with the chance of winning 2 tickets to evry winning festival. As always, thank you for your continued support The Y Not team :)

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Thu 07 Aug 2014

A Massive Thank you & 2015 Tickets On Sale

We want to say thank you so much to everyone who came to Y Not this year and made it so special. You came, you partied, you conquered. We have received amazing feedback and kind words, but it really was you that made this the best Y Not to date. Next year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and it's going to be amazing. We'd love you to join us, tickets at 2014 price are on sale right here: http://ynot.gigantic.com/y-not-festival/moulridge-lane-pikehall/2015-07-31-10-00

Dizzee Rascal Final 2 (c) Ross Silcocks_2

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Wed 30 Jul 2014


That's it, they're gone. See you soon :)

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Tue 29 Jul 2014

Safety info

We're almost there... The site is coming along nicely, we just have a few bits of important safety info we wanted to share with you before the gates open. Don’t forget to look after yourself, your friends, people around you and your valuables; the following is extremely important: 1)    Y Not has a zero drugs policy. Searches will take place as a condition of entry to the festival. If you are found with drugs or legal highs you will be denied entrance to the event.  If you are found in possession of drugs or legal highs during the festival, you will ejected from the site if safe to do so. 2)    This policy extends to legal highs. Do not bring them to Y Not.  Just the fact that a substance is sold as ‘legal’ doesn’t mean that it’s safe or legal.  If you look at the packaging, you will see that legal/herbal highs are sold with “not for human consumption” marked on the packet. There is good reason for this - their contents are toxic, even the plant-based ones; they are untested on humans and they do kill.   68 people died from taking them in 2012. We don’t sell them on site and we ban them from the event, as they are unpredictable and can be dangerous. Our medics and the local hospital may not know how best to treat you, as it may not be clear what you have digested. 3)    Don’t bring anything valuable to Y Not; if you do, please make sure you keep it very safe and with you at all times. 4)    Security are there to help. Please report any problems straight away and we’ll get them sorted for you. 5)     For all you bright sparks, pyrotechnics/flares are not allowed at Y Not. Please do not bring them to the festival. 6)    Camp Watch! Please, please look after each other. Get to know who is camping next to you – it’s all part of what makes the festival enjoyable for all. We’re all there for the craic   Much love and see you IMMINENTLY! Y Not Festival

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